Nicole Wicki 26. July 2022

Limited special bottlings exclusively for newsletter subscribers – with the In-Mail ShopMehr

Urs Thüring 1. July 2022

Checklist: 11 Use Cases for Interactive EmailsMehr

Urs Thüring 23. May 2022

iOS15 update disables opening tracking in email deliveryMehr

Urs Thüring 2. May 2022

Are Mailchimp & Co. no longer permitted in Europe?Mehr

Christoph Moser 23. March 2022

iOS 15 Update – How do we deal with Apple’s MPP?Mehr

Vera Raiser 21. March 2022

WhatsApp Business API as an integrated messaging channelMehr

Urs Thüring 11. February 2022

Mayoris wins the Best Retail Cases Swiss AwardMehr

Urs Thüring 9. February 2022

Mayoris contributes to the ZHAW Marketing Automation Report 2022Mehr

Urs Thüring 2. January 2022

Maturity level of automated and personalized customer communicationMehr

Urs Thüring 1. January 2022

Marketing trend 2022: Data-driven personalizationMehr
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