Mayoris is Salesforce Partner of the Year 2023 - 5. April 2023

In close cooperation with the ambitious account executives of the market leader, Mayoris was able to acquire a total of 17 new customers for the Sales & Service Cloud in the past fiscal year. In addition, there are 4 customers which we are developing further on the Marketing CloudEine Marketing Cloud Technologie umfasst verschiedene Module für die aktive Bewirtschaftung und Dialogführung von Kunden über eine digitale Marketing Plattform, welche selbst als SaaS-Dienstleistung - also über das Internet und nicht proprietär im eigenen... via a health check.

Ideally, we start with the CRM, develop good templates for e-mail communication and take the first step into the lead nurturing process on the integrated marketing platform. This is followed by other multi-channel journeys (welcome, onboarding, loyalty, retention, etc.). What’s left behind are many satisfied customers. 🤗

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