Limited special bottlings exclusively for newsletter subscribers – with the In-Mail Shop - 26. July 2022

Initial situation:
Paul Ullrich AG is a traditional family business that has been active in the wine and spirits trade since 1944. In addition to several offline stores, it has been successfully operating the Ullrich webshop since 2019.

A few weeks ago, the renowned whisky producer Ardbeg announced the latest special bottling. Paul Ullrich was able to secure a contingent of it and wanted to offer the limited quantity exclusively to its existing customers and newsletter subscribers.

Paul Ullrich AG already uses the In-Mail Shop function of Mayoris. Weekly offers are sent to B2B customers by e-mail. The order is placed and completed directly in the e-mail. In the B2C area, the In-Mail Shop is also used sporadically for special campaigns. Here, however, the user is redirected to the shopping cart, where the order is completed.

For the limited number of whisky bottles, the existing In-Mail Shop function was to be extended in such a way that the bottles could be sold in a one-off campaign, in a short time, by means of direct ordering, as an impulse purchase in the mail and the web store was thereby bypassed or not needed.

For the implementation the following was developed:

  • The display was extended by a counter.
  • When opening the e-mail, it is immediately obvious how many pieces are still available.

Since the iOS update 15, it is unfortunately no longer possible to reload data at the time of opening. This makes it impossible to use the counter on Apple devices.

In this case, however, Mayoris has succeeded in using a traffic light on Apple devices that shows whether the product is still available (green) or already sold out (red).

Limited special bottlings exclusively for newsletter subscribers - with the In-Mail Shop - Mayoris AG
Display on Apple devices with iOS15 and higher (traffic light system)
Limited special bottlings exclusively for newsletter subscribers - with the In-Mail Shop - Mayoris AG
Display on the remaining devices (counter)

When the “order now” button was clicked, a check was performed in the background to determine whether products were still available and whether the interested party had already ordered the maximum quantity per person. As a further security, orders could only be placed by persons who were in the corresponding newsletter recipient group.

Limited special bottlings exclusively for newsletter subscribers - with the In-Mail Shop - Mayoris AG
Process for the availability of the products in the background

If the product was still available, the order was triggered and a confirmation text was displayed directly in the e-mail. If the person placing the order had already ordered the maximum quantity per person, the corresponding text was displayed. If the product was already sold out, a corresponding sorry message was displayed. As soon as all products were sold, a notification e-mail was sent to the persons involved in the project, informing them that the action was finished. Afterwards, the orders could be downloaded from the system and processed.

The success of the mailing exceeded expectations by far. The bottles were sold out after only about 1.5 hours. Paul Ullrich AG would like to use this function more in the future.

The new development has already been designed in such a way that it can be easily reused. Thus, the total number of pieces, the maximum quantity per person and the e-mail addresses for the notification mail are directly specified in the recipient group. Currently, the use case is being modified so that the further development is integrated in a module in the e-mail template in the future and can thus be used very easily.

This use case can be used for many applications:

  • Subscriptions
  • Pre-sales
  • Promotions limited to certain user groups
  • Sales of limited quantities
  • etc.

The use of the In-Mail Shop offers the following advantages:

  • No online store necessary
  • No media break
  • Order is triggered directly in the e-mail, no media break, impulse buying
  • Increase attractiveness of the newsletter channel
  • Exclusivity and limited availability increase sales
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