Integration of Salesforce & Bexio – via ZAPIER - 27. September 2023

Work more efficiently by connecting the accounting system
Forget about manually entering customer data into multiple systems and reduce potential sources of error. By connecting the accounting system to the Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM), you have all customer data (from lead to invoice) in one system.

Salesforce & Bexio – automate accounting with ease
Salesforce is one of the leading CRM solutions on the market. The cloud-based solution is also used by many SMEs in Switzerland. The question often arises as to whether a US solution can also be connected to smaller accounting solutions such as bexio in Switzerland. – The answer is yes!
Salesforce allows you to connect to a wide range of systems. Depending on the software, there are some pre-configured solutions, or individual applications can be connected to Salesforce via third-party providers.

Proposed solution
The Swiss accounting solution “Bexio” itself does not offer a direct connection to Salesforce. However, the web application can be connected via a third party provider (such as Zapier“) to synchronise the data flow. Zapier is one of many service solutions that connect individual actions between two cloud solutions, synchronising the applications with each other with the aim of executing the processes automatically.
The Bexio integration can be fully customised to your needs and use case. For example, Salesforce can transfer account and contact data as well as opportunity information directly to Bexio based on a desired trigger (e.g. quote has been booked).

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