SALESmanago – Customer Engagement Plattform

The customer journey in eCommerce begins with data. With the use of intelligent data analytics and artificial intelligence, leads can be converted and customers can be developed to perform better.

The DNA of SALESmanago started as a customer data platform: contact data, transaction (purchase) data and behavioral data result in the 360° single customer view about the customer, which can be displayed on the platform in a central overview. This allows the marketing expert to use recency/frequency/monetary analyses, behavioral profiling, dynamic segmentation and predictive analytics to form important segments and accompany the customer throughout the customer journey. In this way, customers can be onboarded, recommendations can be played out, up-sells can be made, loyalty can be built, and so on. Webpush, website personalization, live chat and social proof are also included, making SALESmanago a comprehensive engagement platform. It has grown organically, has not experienced any interface breaks as a result of acquisitions, is easy to use and has various use cases preconfigured. These can be played out as automatically as possible in defined workflows.  

Omnichannel deserves its claim thanks to SALESmanago. The starting point is often a contact or customer who registers via e-mail. This results in the first first party data, which can be enriched. Use cases and campaigns along the customer lifecycle are developed. (Re)targeting of customers continues with matching methods via social media and paid advertising network.

As European technology, hosted in the EU, it is “GDPR-compliant” (German DSGVO). Gone should be the days of using technologies that are not hosted in the EU or Switzerland.

Marketing teams will not want to simply replace their existing marketing solution with a new one. SALESmanago offers a lean proof of concept. This allows experience to be gained and comparisons to be made. Only then is the definitive set-up made. And Mayoris is available with consulting and the implementation of use cases and automated routes.


  • Lean POC before definitive setup
  • CDP as data basis for engagement marketing
  • Native technology without interface problems
  • All functions eCommerce needs
  • Low-code, easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Support from Mayoris and SALESmanago

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