Interactive menu newsletter for SV restaurants

Initial situation
SV Group Switzerland manages staff restaurants, canteens and cafeterias under the independent “SV Restaurant” brand. It stands for fresh, healthy and climate-friendly food. The primary goal is to surprise people every day anew with enjoyable food. Each of the more than 320 SV restaurants makes its own menu plan, tailored to its guests. The restaurant manager enters the weekly menu planning into the ERP system. This data forms the basis for orders, the website, the app and the menu newsletter. Each restaurant has its own restaurant page where the weekly menu is presented or also sent out via email newsletter. If a customer wants to subscribe to the menu of several restaurants, he receives a separate mail with the menu plan as a PDF for each restaurant.

The new Menu newsletter is to provide the current weekly menus in an interactive, clear and uniform manner in a single email. It will also be possible to select the language variant for the newsletter and menu. Depending on the restaurant and the country, the menu plans will be provided in one or more different languages (German, French, Italian and English). In addition, clean address handling is to be ensured, KPIs measured and the email channel linked to the real-time data from the ERP.

The following process was developed for the implementation: First, the menu data is entered into the ERP system. In real time, this data is passed directly to the web CMS and attracted via XML feed for the app, website and the PDF weekly menu plan. Mayoris can now also access this data via API and use it for the new Menu newsletter. This newsletter is now presented in interactive form. The website was used as the basis for this. Now it is also possible in the newsletter to click through the menus of each individual day of a week and also to subscribe to several restaurants and retrieve them in a newsletter. In addition, it can be selected per restaurant whether the dispatch is desired daily (MO-FR) or weekly (in each case on SO).

Interactive menu newsletter for SV restaurants - Mayoris AG

Menu newsletter

Interactive weekly newsletter, which automatically attracts data of the location via the API.

In the mailing, individual days, sending frequency (weekly, daily), as well as multiple restaurants can be retrieved directly.

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In addition to the menu data, the banner images are also supplied via the interface. This way, every restaurant manager can also place his individual promotions in the newsletter. The banner images are displayed via an interactive slider element in the header area of the newsletter.

The newsletter language has been decoupled from the menu language and a fallback has been defined in case the menu plan is not available in the desired language. The menu data is loaded in the interactive email in real time, using dynamic CSS. Since some menus are still missing at the time of sending, a uniform fallback was defined, which is automatically updated in the online view. To clean up the distribution list (address quality), an address validation and a re-opt-in campaign were created.


  • Multi-channel orientation of the menu plan for users
  • Optimal UX factor thanks to interactive e-mail without media discontinuity
  • Dynamic reloading of content at the time of opening
  • Individualization for over 320 restaurants
  • Individual branding per restaurant
  • Integrated connection to the menu planning system
  • Continuous data flow