Voucher dispatch after initial purchase – upselling

Initial situation
Rewe wanted to find out how vouchers influence the buying behavior of new customers in online retail. Would vouchers actually incentivize repeat purchases? Would customer loyalty increase as a result? Would the value of the shopping cart increase overall?

New customers were introduced to Rewe’s offering via a welcome campaign. The time-limited campaign allowed shoppers to redeem coupons at their next purchase over several stages. A welcome email explained the savings opportunities and the time limit of the campaign, as well as listing the benefits of Rewe. Depending on the order volume, different coupons were then used. These could be redeemed via a barcode reader. Non-orderers received a reminder email.

The campaign was used in addition to the regular newsletter, where e.g. loyalty coupons are used. Nevertheless, the results were very profitable. The goals regarding additional purchases, customer loyalty and increase in shopping cart value were fully achieved.

Willkommenskampagne für Neukunden

The campaign required the precise definition of a process for designing and implementing the campaign. The automation software ELAINE from artegic was at the center.

Process workflow


  • Simple welcome campaign
  • Increased sales thanks to automation
  • Process thinking and multi-stage campaign leads to increase in shopping cart value and increased customer loyalty