Meet us at SCORE! on 29 May 2024 in Zurich

As the leading Swiss partner of SALESmanago, we cordially invite you to meet our team at the upcoming SCORE! event. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the revolutionary possibilities of the SALESmanago customer engagement platform directly from our CEO, Urs Thüring, and our e-commerce specialist, Christoph Moser.

SALESmanago stands for:

  • Data-driven marketing: Start your ecommerce customer journey with a solid customer data platformDie Customer Data Platform CDP hat seit der geringer werdenden Bedeutung von Third Party Data an Relevanz gewonnen. Die eigenen Daten sind ein wichtiger Differenzierungsfaktor gegenüber den Mitbewerbern geworden. Unternehmen sehen sich veranlasst, ihre... consisting of contact, transactional and behavioural data.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Use email sign-ups to collect first-party data and improve your campaigns with the help of zero-party data from the Preference Centre.
  • EU data protectionIt is not enough for companies to aggregate your users' data. They must also obtain permission to use this data at the same time. They must obtain an overview of whether and for what purpose they may actively use this personal data or use it for advertising... compliance: Benefit from technology hosted in the EU that is GDPR compliant.

Why should you meet with us?

  • A new level of personalisation: Find out how you can use SALESmanago to improve not only your communications, but also the customer experience through personalised recommendations and targeted retargeting.
  • Efficiency through automation: Discover how our pre-configured workflows and low-code platform can help you work more efficiently.
  • Cost effective solutions: Explore our cost-effective entry options, starting with a lean proof of concept to test the effectiveness of our solutions in the field.