Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email solution for beginners, but with an amazing amount of functionality. With Campaign Monitor you can create and send your newsletters easily and quickly.

We support you in creating your template and your first newsletter. If you have any questions, we will of course be there for you even after the initial mailing. There are no initial costs for implementation. Mayoris only charges a monthly license fee for the technology, initial template creation and user training. The data hosting is neither in the EU nor in Switzerland.

How easy it is to create a newsletter with Campaign Monitor, you can see right here:

E-Mail Marketing Software | Campaign Monitor

What advantages do we offer you?

  • Getting started with the email channel
  • Create simple mailings
  • Cost effective without initial costs
  • Usability for perfect comfort
  • Support until first mailing
  • 1 hr. web training
  • ½ hr. support/month
  • 1 workshop/year
  • Hosting global
  • Flat rate without initial costs
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