Managed services for our customers

Our Managed Services include the entire value creation in the “owned” channel:

  • We can visualize and analyze your data and make selections for personalization.
  • Together with you, we create email campaigns or automated cycles based on customer touchpoints.
  • Our approach has proven to be about specific use cases that we develop and implement.
  • Sometimes you simply hand us a briefing and we implement the campaign.
  • Consider outsourcing email creation entirely. The fluctuation in marketing departments is high, the familiarization with technologies always time-consuming. We guarantee you high productivity compared to in-sourcing.
  • Our creation and implementation includes the components design, copywriting, creation, A/B testing, sending, success control.

We are your extended workbench. We work on a project basis or with a plannable and budgetable retainer. “Mayoris is my smallest job site in marketing planning. It just runs reliably.” We hear that often. We are your trustworthy partner and compensate for deficits in your marketing department.

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