Interactive mails for better customer interaction

Turn your emails into conversions

Discover how you can deepen the relationship with your customers and improve conversion rates at the same time with customized, dynamic email content. Our approach opens up new avenues for engagement and interaction, from real-time feedback to personalized shopping experiences right in the inbox.

Interactive mails for better customer interaction - Mayoris AG

The following use cases are just part of an extensive collection that you can discover on our website:

  • Interactive inmail shop: A groundbreaking shopping experience directly in the e-mail
  • Interactive email advent calendar: Daily joy during the Christmas season
  • Limited direct sales by email: Exclusive offers to buy with one click
  • Interactive product reviews: Customer feedback made easy
  • Interactive product panel: Intuitive and clear product overview
  • Segment based product filtering: Personalised offer selection

Increase your open rates, clicks and conversions with the leading platform for interactive emails. Seamlessly integrate mailix to embed landing pages directly into your emails. Get started with quick wins and discover how we gradually improve your engagement with advanced applications. Visit us at to experience the difference.

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