What good is a new customer if they are not allowed to be an existing customer? - 30. October 2020

Email list building – for relevant and consistent marketing communications, better conversion and higher ROI

One of the core tasks of a marketer is to generate new customers. Give your agency enough media budgets for Google Ads, SEO and programmatic today, create a precise brief and tomorrow you’ll start getting leads and converted new customers. Great!

Then work with the agency to optimise targeting and reduce wastage. Cool!
Your CPC, CPA, ROAS and related KPIs will improve. And you are generating lots of new customers at low cost. Above all, you become more and more dependent on Google, Facebook, etc. The only problem is that if you don’t recognise them as existing customers and treat them as such in the customer lifecycle, the next repeat customer on these channels will also appear as a ‘new customer’.

This is where the power of email marketing comes into play. It is the perfect complement to your lead nurturing and conversion strategy. There is no other channel that you can use so consistently across the entire lifecycle. Do you want to onboard customers, tell stories, sell products, target to increase relevance, automate information channels and convert existing customers into repeat customers and loyal ambassadors? Welcome to the channel! The channel also generates a stable ROI for you. It does this either directly via the ‘last click’ from the newsletter to the shop, or indirectly and measurably via a budget attribution model that also classifies the ‘first click’, which does not immediately lead to a purchase, as relevant to the purchase process. And you control the whole process, something you have long since lost with Google and the like. After all, it’s called ‘owned’, not ‘paid’ media.

But the channel is strategically challenging and needs to be nurtured: Addresses must be generated consistently and across as many touchpoints as possible, and enriched with information. This is the only way to make the most of contacts, from the cradle to the grave. And you need a horizon of several years, the success of which you may not even experience in your current job.

What good is a new customer if they are not allowed to be an existing customer? - Mayoris AG

Our white paper ‘Building the email and newsletter distribution list’ shows you in just a few steps how to start the process of building an ever-growing distribution list:

  • Possibilities of lead generation via ‘paid’ media and via your website (channels)
  • An incentive-based way to subscribe to a newsletter (motivation)
  • A form with a well thought out and consistent registration process (administration)
  • Additional information to inform targeting and automation (data)

It should be the simplest thing in the world, but it is often not done consistently or optimised on an ongoing basis. This is where you win or lose the basis for building your email list. Every marketer knows that it is the size and quality of this list that optimises customer value. This is an arduous process and requires the involvement of multiple sourcing channels and internal and external specialists to support you. But it’s worth it and it’ll make your boss happy!

Then it’s time to start marketing to existing customers, which is not the subject of this white paper. But from now on it’s fun, because you have the relevant raw material: the addresses, the enriched data, the click behaviour over time and perhaps the sales figures.

Enjoy data-driven, targeted and automated loyalty and retention marketing for the 21st century!

Read more in the free white paper (german)

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