Apteco Orbit

Data-driven marketing via Apteco Orbit allows the connection of customer-owned data sources for high-performance data selections as a basis for relevant targeting and for marketing campaigns.

Data: With Apteco, important data sources such as transaction data from ERP, contact data from CRM, behavioral data from e-mail campaigns and from the customer’s own store can be successfully mapped and imported into Apteco in a lean way (see also Customer Data Platform). Individual data sources can be easily dragged and dropped into the work environment for further processing.

Analysis: After deployment, the data can be experimented with. Thanks to “deep-dive”, valuable insights can be gained into people, transactions, regional differences or differences between online and offline sales. Analysis hypotheses can be tested. Venn diagrams and decision trees can be created with impressive visualization, common statistical models are available: Predictive Modeling, Logistic Regression and Clustering.

Target: Thanks to the performance of the calculation engine and the intuitive interface, marketing specialists can independently create segments for person-specific targeting without regular support from IT. Data analytics knowledge or training from Mayoris is a prerequisite for sustainable use of the targeting functions.

Campaign: The company’s own tool is used for campaign creation, or the segments are transferred to an external control tool or the CRM. Mayoris uses the existing technologies from ELAINE and Selligent. Here, campaigns are created and played out via various channels.

Proof of Concept POC with Mayoris: Thanks to the development of few, but important data sources, the customer can create a simple POC with Mayoris and Apteco FastStats within a short time. We develop initial use cases with the customer and train him to use the software independently, which is available to him for several months. Only after this test phase does the customer decide whether the possibilities and performance of the software suit him in the long term.

Data hosting: The hosting of the application and customer data takes place either at Mayoris as a SaaS solution in Switzerland or at Apteco in a commissioned cloud solution. Compliance with all current data protectionIt is not enough for companies to aggregate your users' data. They must also obtain permission to use this data at the same time. They must obtain an overview of whether and for what purpose they may actively use this personal data or use it for advertising... regulations in the EU (DSGVO) and Switzerland (DSG) is ensured.

Apteco Marketing Suite – Data analysis with FastStats

What advantages do we offer you?

  • Connect relevant data from various sources and create dashboard
  • Data visualization based on people, transactions, reactions
  • Clear working environment for analysis in Venn diagrams, cubes, decision trees
  • Derive customer interests, touchpoint analysis, regional differences, churn probability
  • RFM analyses and deep-dive insights for selections
  • Playfully refine target group selections
  • Transfer of target group selections to campaign control for personalized addressing via various channels
  • Best next offer, predictive action, churn prevention, cluster builiding
  • Transfer to own channel control or automation tools
  • Often used in combination with Salesforce CRM or Artegic Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation ist ein Framework bestehende aus Strategie (First Party Data und Marketing), Use Cases und Prozessen, Daten bzw. Customer Data Platform, Technologien, Inhalten, Organisation und Skills sowie dem Rechtsrahmen bzw. dem Consent Management....
  • Rapid proof of concept with Mayoris
  • Mayoris integrates, analyzes, creates target groups, educates the customer and hands over
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